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QuickBooks Shortcuts & Tips

Time Saving QuickBooks Tips:

• Bank transactions can be automatically downloaded by using bank feeds. Downloading transactions beats having to enter each transaction manually.

• Use memorized transactions for recurring transaction. (Bill, checks, and invoices). You can set them to post automatically daily, weekly, monthly, etc. This will eliminate having to enter the same transaction repeatedly.

• Only enter bills when you will not be paying them right away. If you are paying a bill as soon as you receive it enter a check or a credit card charge.

QuickBooks Keyboard Shortcuts:

• Ctrl + A – Chart of Accounts • Ctrl + D – Deletes a Check or Invoice • Ctrl + Delete – Deletes a line item in a check or invoice • Ctrl + Insert – Inserts a line item in a check or invoice • Ctrl + F – Displays the Find Window • Ctrl + I – Create New Invoice • Ctrl + M – Memorize a Transaction • Ctrl + Q – Quick Report of the Transaction • Ctrl + T – Open Memorized Transaction List • Ctrl + W – Write a New Check

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