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Goals – They Are For Businesses AND Employees

Individually tailored goals are important to the growth of any business. AND – going into a new year is the perfect time to start these goals.

Goals should be measurable, attainable and have a deadline.

So, how do you get started?

Business Goals

Key members of your business should sit down and brainstorm. Do not over think it - this does not have to be a formal process. You can just write down some bullet points.


  • Increased sales by $10K per quarter for all of 2018.

  • Increase advertising to achieve our budgeted sales increase. By December 1st, we will have an advertising plan together and revisit future goals.

  • Have weekly staff meetings on Monday mornings starting January 8, 2018.

Employee Goals

There are two types of employee goals – Job Performance related and Personal.

  • Job performance related - There should be a job performance evaluation prior to setting these goals. Employees represent the business, so they need to know what area’s they are doing well in, and where they need to improve.

  • Personal – When you are presenting your employee with their job performance evaluation and their job related goals, ask them what they want to strive for on a personal level. Write down their goals and track them alongside their job goals.

Now that you have your goals, make sure to revisit them on a regular basis. Make this a priority.

Revisiting the goals for your employees as well as your business ensures you are on the right track to achieving them. Goals should be fun and exciting to keep the attention of the employees assigned to them.

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